History | Restaurants in Barcelona


El Racó d’en Freixa opened its doors in 1986, placed in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district, leaded by the hand of Dori Riera, maître and myself, Josep Maria Freixa, as a chef. In the middle of 90, Ramon, my son, took over the stoves and did a complete turnabout to the catalan cuisine we served. He successed and in 2009 moved to Madrid and began a project which has to Michelin Stars in only two years. I couldn’t abandon the restaurant and came back to restore the flavours of our memories. I am running the show, but I am not cooking solo at the stoves. There is a brigade of chefs, some of whom have worked with me before.

Our restaurant is small, it can take in around 40 guests, so the service you’ll recieve will be careful and personalized. We are focused on the traditional catalan recipes, without innovations or superfluous ornamentations; only the traditional recipe, 100% pure.

We work with ingredients subject to the weather that we incorporate to the suggestions, meanwhile we have a fixed menus with the most popular catalan dishes: fricandó (stewed veal with mushrooms), canneloni, croquettes, codfish fritters…

We also take care of bread, undoubted value nowadays. Since we inaugurated the restaurant, we have always produced our own bread and recently I am in charge. I don’t consider myself as a baker, I feel a lot of respect for this profession, I prefer to say it’s my hobby. I will need a whole chapter to express the satisfaction I feel when I make bread. Suffice it to say that the originally dough which we use it’s 70 years old and came from Italia. Oh, and point that we make and send the bread that my son Ramon serve in Madrid twice a week.

The restaurants have became in keepers of the catalan recipes. We are living a great moment as regards our gastronomic patrimony, circumstance which have to be used to invigorate and keep it alive.

Josep Maria FreixaDorita Riera