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Dorita Riera

Dorita RieraThe career of Dorita Riera develops in parallel with his husband if we consider the early ages in wich both began to mess up in the kitchen. Dori’s father was a baker, he owned a bakery and a grocery in his village Castellfollit de Riubregós. Emilia, her mother, Josep, her father and Dori’s herself were immensely happy working together from dawn to dusk. She use to say that they were more than a family, they were the best friends.

They didn’t close hardly ever and even if the grocery was closed, if someone knocked at the door they served.

Dori’s parents encouraged her to go out and have fun and that’s the way she met Josep Maria, who immediately was received as a son in the family. A few time later the wedding and the first son, who was raised by his grandparents as Dori still helped her parents in the village grocery.

When Josep María decide to work on his own, Dori is his best support. In the first years of hard work, she absorbs all the knowledge she can, from her workmates and also from the gastronomic tours she makes with her husband and children. That’s the way she becomes a maître with a lot of personality and wisdom, which will help her son in the future when he replaces the father.

With a consolidated clientele, a famous restaurant and a Michelin Star, Josep Maria and Dori, generous persons, decided to move back and let his son dealing with the kitchen. At that precised moment Dori has to “defend” the risky cuisine that Ramon suggests. The differences between the cuisine of the father and the son were obvious but slowly, Ramon Freixa found his position.

Nowadays Dori remains in Freixa Tradicio, once again side by side with her husband Josep María at the stoves, as Ramon has his own space in Madrid. But this is not an obstacle so she can support her son anytime she can. She’s his best friend and there’s a closed connection.

Josep María and Ramon are two talented and very well known chefs, but they owe too much to the woman in the shadows, wife and mother, who always supported them.