Catalan recipes: Sautée squids with onion and tomato

Sautée squids with onion and tomato

Ingredients for 1 portion: Calamarcitos confitados

300gr. squids
2 onions
100gr. ripe tomato
200gr. olive oil
1 Potato
1 bay leaf
1 sprig of parsley


Cut the onion into thin shreds and fried it with 100gr. Of olive oil, the bay leaf ant a bit ot thyme over a low heat during 2 hours aprox. The onion should be dark Brown. Add the grated tomato and cook it 15min.
Peel and thinly sliced the potatoes. Fried them just a few minutes in olive oil. Clean the squids and fried with the rest of the oil in a hot pan 5 minutes. Add the onion and the tomato. Season and add the potatoes. Cook it 10 more minutes over a low heat.
Chop the parlsley and add it.