Catalan recipes: Stewed veal with mushrooms

Stewed veal with mushrooms

Ingredients for 4 pax Fricando con setas de San Jorge

1 kg. thin veal steaks, like scalopini
200 gr. Seta de San Jorge (Calocybe Gambosa) fresh or dried
2 chopped onions
2 grated tomatoes without the skin
1 glass of white wine
1 glass of brandy
1 bouquet of thyme, laurel and parsley
100 gr. flour
Olive oil
Ground black pepper
1 l. water or chicken broth
The sauce:
80gr. Toasted almonds
80gr. Toasted hazelnut
2 María cookies


Wash the mushrooms, if they are fresh. If the mushrooms are dried, hydrate them in cold water during 2 hours. Lavar las setas si son frescas, si son secas hay que ponerlas en remojo en agua fría un par de horas. Season the steaks and put them into the flour. Fried the steaks in hot olive oil till them are golden. Put them in a mud casserole and reserve.
In a frying pan, fry the onion till it’s golden, add the tomatoe and the white wine. Reserve.
Warm the steaks, add the brandy and flambé. Add to the mud casserole the fried tomato, with the onion, etc. and the herbes bouquet.
Cook during five minutes over a medium heat.
Add the water and cook for 20min.
Strain the mushrooms and add them to the stew.
In a mortar or with a turmix, crush the almonds, the hazelnuts and the cookies with a few broth of the stew and add it to the casserole.
Cook the stew for and hour over a medium heat.
This stew is better if you eat it the next day, let the stew stand for 24h and enjoy.